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Frequently Asked Questions

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First-Time EVOX Client sessions involve an initial introduction period where the client can get to know Leigh Ann as well as share a bit about themselves and what brought them to EVOX. From here, Leigh Ann explains the technology behind EVOX, why she looks at emotional healing through the lens of the subconscious, and how EVOX can support healing both physiologically and emotionally. We will then spend some time discussing how the client hopes EVOX can help them specifically and identify the main topic that we will take through the EVOX session.

Leigh Ann then explains what the flow of the EVOX session will look like and we will usually spend about 45 minutes to one hour in the EVOX Therapy. We then go over the EVOX report and Leigh Ann will usually suggest some “integration items” that the client can reference in the time between their next EVOX session.

This definitely varies from client to client as well as from topic-to-topic, however, I generally recommend expecting to spend 3-5 EVOX sessions on any given topic. Some topics that the mind, body, and spirit are more ready to release may need fewer sessions. Likewise, topics that are more deeply ingrained and/or have more emotional activation may need more than 5 sessions. I do find, however, that for most clients, they are noticing shifts immediately from the first session.

See our EVOX packages for discounted rates on multiple sessions.

Initially, I suggest doing EVOX sessions on a weekly basis: one session a week consecutively for 3-5 weeks.  After this initial period, many will continue weekly sessions for a time as we continue to identify other limiting patterns, repressed emotions and unresolved experiences that they want to release. Likewise, others may decide to lessen the frequency and only come in every other week for a time. And still, others decide to sign up for the monthly membership and simply come in once a month to check-in with emotional wellness, unburden anything that has come up over the last 4 weeks and find peace and clarity where needed.

First-Time Client EVOX Sessions are $155 for 90 minutes. Returning Client EVOX Sessions are $125 for 60 minutes. We also offer EVOX packages as well as an EVOX Monthly Membership that provide discounted rates.