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ac·​cres·​cent | Definition of accrescent: growing continuously; continual growth

The Accrescent Podcast is more than just conversations to fill the car on your way home from work. Modern life smothers us in an unending barrage of toxicity: unrealistic demands from work, family, and friends; food, water, air, and products filled with harmful pollutants and a glaring lack of education surrounding the fact that we as humans need to achieve a balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in order to truly thrive. Through interviews with experts from a variety of disciplines, as well as solo episodes with client case studies and more, I hope to inspire, educate, and empower you to create a life in which you can achieve your highest levels of health, happiness, and fulfillment. If you are looking for holistic yet science-backed advice, digestible and applicable content and someone to hold you accountable to the changes you have always been wanting to make…welcome to the family.


Released Episodes

Podcast Ep. 92 Chelsea Turner, NTP - Chelsea's Health Journey + Launching The Embodied Healing Collective
The Accrescent™ - Podcast Ep. 91 EVOX Series Wk 25 - Back Injury: Feeling Isolated, Trapped & Unsupported
Podcast Ep. 90 EVOX Series Wk 24 - Exploring Emotional Root Causes to a Recurring Back Injury
Podcast Ep. 89 Dr. Lonnie Herman - Bioresonance Testing, the Toxic Burden, Pollutants + Pathogens
The Accrescent™ - Podcast Ep. 88 Recent Back Injury, Upcoming Pop-Up & Next Pod Episode
The Accrescent™ - Podcast Ep. 87 Nicole Akal - Kundalini, Looking at the Subconscious, Metaphysics & Manifestation
The Accrescent™ - Podcast Ep. 86 EVOX Series Wk 23 - Personal Growth Highlights & Limiting Beliefs Around Joy
The Accrescent™ - Podcast Ep. 85 EVOX Series Wk 22 - Releasing Grief Around Growth & Generational Trauma
The Accrescent™ - Podcast Ep. 84 EVOX Series Wk 21 - The Subconscious Roots to a Fear of Success
The Accrescent™ - Podcast Ep. 83 Lyndsey Nicole - Using Voice Alchemy to Support Emotional Release & Healing
The Accrescent™ - Podcast Ep. 82 EVOX Series Wk 20 - How is a Pattern of Dissociation Protecting Me?
The Accrescent™ - Podcast Ep. 81 EVOX Series Wk 19 - Releasing Feelings of Unworthiness & Inadequacy that Contribute to Self-Sabotage