ZYTO EVOX REmote + Setup Instructions

Schedule an in-person or remote EVOX session with a Certified ZYTO Specialist and EVOX Practitioner.

  • Remote ZYTO EVOX Sessions
  • ZYTO Hand Cradle Needed Prior to First Appointment
  • Scroll Below for Download and Install Instructions
The Accrescent™ - ZYTO Remote Scans, EVOX and Biosurveys

Receive ZYTO Scans & EVOX from the comfort of your home with ZYTO Remote.

ZYTO Remote Install Instructions

*Please note, you will need to obtain a ZYTO Hand Cradle prior to your first remote appointment. You can purchase a ZYTO Hand Cradle from ZYTO directly, or through my website here.

1. Click here to download and open the Remote App setup file. Windows only, not Mac compatible. Then click Install.

2. Plug your ZYTO Hand Cradle into your computer.

3. Double click the ZYTO Remote App on your desktop.

4. Enter the remote code you receive from your practitioner and click Connect.

5. Place your hand on the Hand Cradle and wait for your practitioner to begin a scan.