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Zyto EVOX Perception Reframing

Through Zyto EVOX Perception Reframing technology we are able to help clear the emotional root causes to negative patterns you feel trapped in. We do this by utilizing the voicemapping and biofeedback technology of EVOX to help release repressed emotions, process and release the effects of personal and inherited trauma, identify limiting subconscious beliefs and begin to create new expansive beliefs and patterns.

To learn more about Zyto EVOX technology click here. Please see below for Zyto EVOX offerings.

The Accrescent™ - ZYTO EVOX
Zyto EVOX – First Time Client (90 min, $225)

Virtual and In-Person options available. During your first EVOX session, I will first explain the technology to you in-depth and outline what the rest of the session will look like. Prior to the start of the actual EVOX session, we will also spend a few minutes reviewing your new client intake form and refining the topic that we will be taking through the EVOX session.

The Accrescent™ - ZYTO EVOX
ZYTO EVOX – Returning Client (60 min, $175)

Virtual and In-Person options available. In a returning EVOX session, we will usually continue to EVOX a new sub-topic that is related to the original over-arching topic discussed in your first EVOX session.

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