The Accrescent™ - Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials – EVOX

Nancy E.

EVOX  treatments have made a profound difference in my life.  Leigh Ann is a truly gifted practitioner. We have worked on several issues together. One powerful area of healing has been in my relationship with my mother. I have had high levels of anxiety when thinking about her or spending time with her. The EVOX treatments have completely stopped those intense and uncomfortable reactions. It’s hard to express how wonderful the change is. Thank you Leigh Ann for sharing your gift with me.

David E.

I am a successful businessman, father, husband, and friend.  So why am I doing EVOX?  Well, alongside all the good things in my life, my relationships seldom go beyond skin deep.  Part of my problem is that I don’t feel and express emotions, so I’ve become an expert at suppressing them.  My EVOX sessions are set aside for processing with no distractions.  In the sessions, I’m learning to process and give life to my hopes, fears, emotions, coping methods, and such.  And, Leigh Ann is quite gifted in her ability to frame the questions and emotions I’m feeling and encourage me to give attention to them and explore their origins.  EVOX biofeedback then helps me bring unconscious issues to the surface and into congruence with my conscious thoughts.  It’s quite remarkable, informative, helpful, and totally non-threatening.  I am a better man for it, more comfortable in my own skin, and more enjoyable for others to be with.  I’m now a weekly client looking forward to and enjoying the journey.

Christine W.

I have seen Leigh Ann several times for EVOX sessions and feel like I have made significant gains toward unlocking some deep issues.  Her professionalism and insight inspire confidence.  She really knows what she is doing.  Her open communication and caring personality make me feel very comfortable with revealing deep, personal issues.  I am excited about the gains I have made and cannot wait to see her again.

Kristi P.

Took my minor child to see Leigh Ann who was very professional, articulate, and knowledgeable. We had no prior experience with Evox, and she did a great job explaining the process to us. Her office environment is very inviting and comfortable. At no point during the appointment did we feel rushed or pressured in any way. All the printouts from the Evox and the Bach flower evaluation both referenced the presenting issue we came in with–so very impressed with the accuracy of both products. Looking forward to completing a series of sessions.

Client Testimonials – Biosurveys

Christine W.

I am the type of person who is physically sensitive to many things.  I get stomach aches, headaches, joint pain, fatigue and I never know why.  I eat a healthy diet and take care of myself.  The Lifestyle Biosurvey and Leigh Ann’s insights were helpful in giving me some good concrete knowledge about what stressors I was dealing with.  Her insights and understandable presentation of what she found really gave me hope.  She is knowledgeable and professional.  I really appreciate her.  Since I made some more changes due to the knowledge I gained, I am feeling much better.

Lauren W.
I recently had a biosurvey with Leigh Ann and I can’t recommend it enough! I had been struggling with Allergies and brain fog for years and have seen countless doctors with little success. Recently, I was told that toxic mold could be contributing to my allergies. After taking this bio survey and seeing that my top 10 toxins were different types of molds, it was so validating! Leigh Ann did an amazing job of breaking down the report and making connections that I could not see. I will be doing regular surveys to check in on everything and see my progress. I truly see this biosurvey as an outlet for the body to talk and tell you what it needs. All you have to do is listen.
Omid T.

I don’t usually like writing a review but had to share my experience. I did a full panel blood test a few months before doing the Lifestyle Comprehensive Biosurvey with Leigh Ann so I had some data to compare the results to. The results were almost identical. The difference being that the  Biosurvey was way more in-depth and practical. I found so much new information about my body that I would never have known if I didn’t do the biosruvey. Now I am doing the biosurvey quarterly and monitoring my improvements and negative habits ( foods, water…etc) It is a must!

Kallina H.

The Lifestyle Comprehensive biosurvey helps me stay more in-tune to what my body is needing and trying to communicate to me. I had been feeling like I needed to return to taking a probiotic, which was confirmed via the survey. After 3 weeks after taking a probiotic recommended by Leigh Ann, I feel like my stomach issues have cleared! As a nurse, I really wish this was more mainstream to help others listen to their bodies. I also work in a hospital with a lot of toxic chemicals. Since utilizing a sauna and taking some supplements recommended, I have been able to have more energy on my days off! I will definitely be making this a regular thing!

Sam M.

I am a healthy 18-year-old girl with no prior health or mental stressors in my life, but I decided to come to the Accrescent for a general checkup. I’ve grown tired of conventional medicine practices; feeling like a number and not a person. I had such a great experience with Leigh Ann! She listened to what I had to say about my own health and applied the results of the ZYTO scan to my specific situation. I would highly recommend Leigh Ann and the Accrescent to anyone, either as a general check-in with your body, or as a way to remedy any health concerns!