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Learn more about Leigh Ann’s EVOX + Neuro-Transformational Coaching practice through press articles, podcast interviews, and more.

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Cancer Conversations w/Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy and Leigh Ann Lindsey - From Patient to Practitioner

Leigh Ann Lindsey on Cancer Conversations w/Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy

Leigh Ann Lindsey was 25 when she came to Cancer Center for Healing as a breast cancer patient. This major detour in her life turned out to be more than life-saving––it was life-changing. Join Dr. Connealy and Leigh Ann Lindsey as they discuss Leigh Ann’s health journey, her cancer tests and treatments as well as the role that Leigh Ann feels trauma played in her cancer journey. P.S. Click here to listen to Dr. Connealy on my show, The Accrescent or search for The Accrescent Podcast and find episode 135.

WeShape Podcast Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind: Getting Unstuck from Limiting Patterns w/Leigh Ann Lindsey

Leigh Ann Lindsey on the WEShape Podcast w/Tyler and Katie Bramlett

Leigh Ann explains how our subconscious mind controls up to 95% of our daily decisions and patterns, many of which originate in childhood. She discusses tools like meditation and journaling to soothe our nervous systems, while also solving the root causes of our stuck emotional and behavioral cycles. Leigh Ann leaves us with the reminder that our minds and bodies are not trying to sabotage us, but rather protect us based on outdated programming. Tune in for an enlightening discussion on getting unstuck from limiting patterns through subconscious work!

Cancer Conversations The power of EVOX therapy to heal from emotional trauma with Leigh Ann Lindsey

Leigh Ann Lindsey on cancer conversations w/erica matthews

In this new episode of Cancer Conversations I have the pleasure of talking with the wonderful Leigh Ann Lindsey about: What EVOX is; Uncovering beliefs, blocks, and behaviors hindering desired life; Importance of emotional healing for physical healing; Leigh Ann’s personal experience with breast cancer; Transformation through coaching and personal development.

Learning to Glow Podcast - Boost Your Emotional Wellness using This Powerful Tool, with Guest Expert Leigh Ann Lindsey!

Leigh Ann Lindsey on Learning to Glow Podcast w/Jess Iturzaeta

If you are like me and have never heard of this, you are in for a treat. Leigh Ann shares her story of being diagnosed with breast cancer and through her treatment found this modality that really resonated and helped her with her healing. So much so that she decided to become a practitioner and share her love of EVOX with others. You will love Leigh Ann, she was so wonderful to have on the show and I loved her knowledge of a topic we have not yet discussed here.

The Accrescent - Press - Beyond the Fear Podcast w/Nadine Zumot and Leigh Ann Lindsey

Leigh Ann Lindsey on Beyond the Fear podcast w/Nadine Zumot

Release Limiting Patterns. Find Peace, Joy, & Alignment with Leigh Ann Lindsey – In this rich interview, Leigh Ann Lindsey openly shares her journey with healing from breast cancer at the age of 24, and healing her money wounds that were rooted in deep grief and religious trauma and sexual abuse.