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The Accrescent™ - Four sigmatic instant mushroom coffee product review

Four sigmatic instant mushroom coffee product review

Long Story Short:

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For instant coffee, this Four Sigmatic Instant Mushroom Coffee w/Lion’s Mane is actually really good. And I’m a coffee snob…I take these packs with me when I travel or to work for a delicious, organic, and non-toxic cup of coffee with lunch!

And before you all freak out about the mushroom part…NO, it doesn’t taste like mushrooms AT ALL. So sip away on some organic, non-toxic, immune-boosting, brain-boosting, and anti-stress coffee.

four sigmatic product highlights:

  • Organic
  • Fair-Trade certified
  • 3rd party tested for molds, yeasts, heavy metals, pathogens, mycotoxins, and pesticides
  • Sustainable sourcing
  • No fillers, additives or carriers

The Accrescent™ - Four sigmatic instant mushroom coffee product review

Ingredients List:

organic instant coffee (50 mg caffeine/serving), organic chaga mushroom (250mg/serving), organic lion’s mane mushroom (250mg/serving), organic rhodiola

Concerning Ingredients:

None! What I particularly love about Four Sigmatic is that they 3rd party test for contaminants like molds, pesticides, heavy metals, and more in all of their products. This is huge. Especially for coffee because statistics show that 91% of green coffee beans contained mold contamination and upwards of 50% of brewed coffees contained mold.

I could, and should, write an entire article on mycotoxins and how they affect brain health. They can be a huge contributor to brain fog, fatigue, and a range of other health problems like cancer, hypertension, kidney disease, and brain damage.

Unknown Ingredient breakdown:

organic Instant coffee

For those who don’t know (I didn’t originally either), I wanted to share how instant coffee is made. I always wondered if instant coffee even had real coffee beans in it. I’m sure there are some really cheap brands who probably don’t haha but Four Sigmatic instant coffee with lions mane DOES use real coffee beans.

Their shade-grown Columbian beans are harvested and roasted and then brewed. The brewed coffee is then concentrated and evaporated to create an instant coffee powder.

organic Chaga mushroom

Four Sigmatic is all about their mushrooms and no…you can’t taste them in this instant coffee…I promise! Chaga is an amazing immune-boosting mushroom. Four Sigmatic shares that the Finnish people actually used dried and ground-up Chaga mushroom as a coffee replacement back in WWII when coffee supplies were short (Four Sigmatic is a Finnish company).

organic lion’s mane mushroom

Lion’s mane mushroom is a powerful brain booster. Four Sigmatic loves adding this to their coffees to help support clean, sustained energy throughout the day.

organic Rhodiola

Rhodiola is an adaptogen (you can read all about the amazing anti-stress benefits of adaptogens in my article here). Added to the coffee, it helps reduce caffeine jitters and helps manage stress and anxiety. Adaptogens are the rising heroes in today’s world with the stress epidemic we are all facing. The more you can add these to your diet, the better.

The Accrescent™ - Four sigmatic instant mushroom coffee product review

my experience:

I’m a self-proclaimed coffee snob. I like to buy my coffee beans from a local roaster fresh each week. I grind them each morning right before brewing and don’t use beans that are older than a week after roasting lol…

With that said, I NEVER thought I would be sharing about an instant coffee mix. I don’t use these on a daily basis, but they are a perfect option when I travel and can’t bring my burr mill grinder and glass french press (although I did bring both camping once and was thoroughly mocked by friends until they were thanking me for the delicious coffee later).

I also like to bring these into work for an early afternoon coffee with lunch. I know most workplaces have some kind of Keurig coffee system set up, but I don’t like to mess around with non-organic, potentially toxic coffees. And I reaaaaaally hate making a cup of coffee that tastes like sour, burned or watered down mud…

Okay, so maybe that was a bit harsh. The point being…if you are looking for a quick coffee fix that is still organic, non-toxic, and packed with other immune-boosting, brain-supporting, and anti-stress ingredients, then these Four Sigmatic Instant Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane packs are perfect.

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Four Sigmatic Discount Code: LAL10