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Client Testimonial – Finding More Peace & Hope After Chronic Illness Diagnosis

Name/Age: Michelle Y., 29 years old

What did life look like before EVOX? How you felt on a daily basis, internal thoughts, how you interacted with others, etc. In other words, what were some of the core limiting patterns you felt stuck in?

  • When I first started EVOX, I was about 3 weeks out from a major chronic illness diagnosis that rocked my world. I was devastated, grief-stricken, fearful, somewhat in denial, and felt hopeless most days. My nervous system was noticeably on high alert which led to me being irritable, reactive, and even more exhausted than I was prior to diagnosis. I felt sorry for my husband and felt I needed to work and provide money to get my way out of this situation.

How quickly did you notice your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors begin to shift?

  • I noticed a shift from the very first session. During that session, I was able to release a lot of the emotions via tears that I had been holding in. We did an exercise during the biofeedback where I visualized a metaphor for how I currently felt and then another of how I wanted to see my current situation and future. This mindset shift and metaphor have stuck with me and have carried me on hard days.

What are the shifts you have noticed since starting EVOX in terms of how you feel internally and how your patterns have shifted?

  • The two biggest shifts have been that I have felt more grounded and more safe within my body. I have found ways to let go of some of the grief, and anger and utilize tools to calm my nervous system.

How has it affected your relationships/family? What other things shifted in your life that you didn’t think were related to the topic you were focusing?

  • My relationship with my husband has greatly improved because the burden has not fallen as much on him. I have been able to process a lot with Leigh Ann and get clear on my needs, worthiness, and desires, which I can then share openly with him. Because I am not as much in fight or flight, I am less reactive and more pleasant to be around.
    Another big change has been my work-life balance. I have struggled to allow my husband to take on the burden financially of my very expensive healing journey and have felt like I needed to work harder and make more money to pay for it myself. This came from a place of feeling unworthy from not working as much as I am used to and not seeing as many patients therefore putting my health as less important than my patients. This was a very hard realization but forced me to make changes in my work schedule to prioritize my own health and healing. I have started decreasing my work hours, setting clearer boundaries, and setting up systems so that I do not have to rely as much on individualized care to still bring in money while also allowing me to prioritize my healing.

What do you like about EVOX/working with Leigh Ann that is different from other modalities or practitioners you have tried in the past?

  • Leigh Ann is an incredibly talented practitioner and I have loved working with her. She is a grounding presence that has made me feel comfortable to be vulnerable in some of my weakest moments. She asks all of the right questions, and holds space for your emotions, while also giving you tools to make practical changes in your life. I still don’t know how it works the way it does, but I have been so mind-blown at the breakthroughs and emotional releases I have had during sessions. The technology paired with Leigh Ann is so powerful and I have been so grateful to have it as a modality.

Any words of encouragement for anyone considering trying EVOX Therapy?

  • I can’t recommend EVOX enough! it is unlike any other modality I have tried and I believe it will be an integral part of my long-term healing from MS.