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Client Testimonial – Finding Peace and calm within, finding my voice & resolve

Name/Age: Parnia R., 28 years old

What did life look like before EVOX? How you felt on a daily basis, internal thoughts, how you interacted with others, etc. In other words, what were some of the core limiting patterns you felt stuck in?

  • Before starting EVOX, I felt stuck and lost. My body was in a stress state and I did not feel calm and grounded. I have been struggling financially and it felt like money did not want to be around me, and the more I was chasing it the more I didn’t have it. There were a million things I wanted to do in order to make money. I would start a gig and if I didn’t make money I would move on to the next thing that I would think would make me quick money. I wasn’t giving my 100% to any of the tasks I wanted to do. There would be things I would want to do or start doing and I just never would; although, I knew exactly what needed to be done and how I could get what I wanted from it. I also felt like in order to make money I had to work hard labor jobs although all I wanted to do was make money from the comfort of my home. I felt like I wasn’t deserving of money, or of my partner’s money due to some childhood experiences and parental interactions.

How quickly did you notice your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors begin to shift?

  • Most days I would notice my thoughts and feelings and behaviors would start shifting right away or a few hours after my sessions. Then I realized every day subconsciously I was making decisions and doing what I wanted to do without even putting much thought into it. As if they would come to me naturally and I didn’t need any excuses to not do them. I would just naturally be drawn into doing the tasks, and my mindset had shifted about these tasks that I was so resistant to in the past. I would also have the conversations I needed to have with people in my life, and I wouldn’t hold back, and these conversations would normally happen that same exact day of my EVOX.

What are the shifts you have noticed since starting EVOX in terms of how you feel internally and how your patterns have shifted?

  • Since the start of EVOX, I feel a lot more grounded, calm, and at peace with myself. I have figured out what I have outgrown and have decided to let go of the things/people I have outgrown, and I have figured out what I want to do “career” wise at least for now that fulfills what I’m looking for, and what I am interested in at this stage of my life. I have a better mindset about financials and I have unlocked most of my limiting beliefs around money.

How has it affected your relationships/family? What other things shifted in your life that you didn’t think were related to the topic you were focusing?

  • It has made it easier for me to voice my opinion and not bottle things in. It has taught me that I should be vulnerable and ask for what I need and want. Also, to not blame my past experiences and relationships but rather learn from them and be more aware of the patterns I fall into, and be able to recognize them and pull myself out of them, because I know it does not serve me.

What do you like about EVOX/working with Leigh Ann that is different from other modalities or practitioners you have tried in the past?

  • EVOX and LeighAnn help me understand the underlying issues. They help me bring to the surface what is actually causing the way I think or feel. I like that we do deep work and look into where this issue is coming from and that helps me understand and change the way I think about it and let go of it. Other practitioners mainly just listen to you and give advice instead of seeing why and what is causing it.

Any words of encouragement for anyone considering trying EVOX Therapy?

  • DO IT. You have nothing to lose but you have a lot that you can gain.

Anything else you would like to share!

  • I am grateful to have a tool like EVOX that can help me understand myself and overcome my fears. The personal growth EVOX has brought to me has been amazing and I will continue to use this tool.