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Client Testimonial – Emotional root causes to multiple sclerosis

Name/Age: Anonymous, 32 years old

What did life look like before EVOX? How you felt on a daily basis, internal thoughts, how you interacted with others, etc. In other words, what were some of the core limiting patterns you felt stuck in?

  • I sought EVOX therapy as a tool to help work through the emotions that I suspected were an underlying part of a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. I deal with some physical symptoms, most prominently, fatigue, and some intertwined patterns of frustration, anger, and indifference. Many years of chronic illness have led my beliefs about my future to become pretty limited. I did not realize that I’d walled myself in, and EVOX has helped me begin the process of self-exploration on a more authentic level to begin questioning and re-aligning myself. Previously I have always blamed my reactivity on the ‘triggering person’ closest to me, oftentimes my partner. Through EVOX sessions and the use of flower essences, I’ve become ‘gently aware’ of my own dysregulation and have watched it shift the outcomes in my relationships for the better. It has also impacted my parenting in a positive way.

How quickly did you notice your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors begin to shift?

  • After the first session.

What are the shifts you have noticed since starting EVOX in terms of how you feel internally and how your patterns have shifted?

  • Noticeable shifts in my mood and awareness.

How has it affected your relationships/family? What other things shifted in your life that you didn’t think were related to the topic you were focusing?

  • I think my general approach to my closest relationships has softened which has ultimately shown me that there is another path of kinder healthier connections if I come to the table in a more balanced regulated state. Allowing some of the heaviness to fall away has given me more space in my life for things that I deserve and desire.

What do you like about EVOX/working with Leigh Ann that is different from other modalities or practitioners you have tried in the past?

  • Leigh Ann is truly gifted. I’ve worked with many practitioners over the years and I am genuinely moved by her poignancy and ability to take me to the places I didn’t know I needed to go.

Any words of encouragement for anyone considering trying EVOX Therapy?

  • EVOX is a gentle way to clear out the emotional clutter so that you can be the most real version of yourself. No one on earth escapes the patterns that life creates in our minds starting in childhood. EVOX helps you decide which patterns still serve you and helps you release the ones that don’t. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit from that.

Anything else you would like to share!

  • EVOX does what talk therapy promises to do. My only regret is not knowing about it sooner and not being able to offer it to everyone I know. For people with chronic health conditions, do not overlook this crucial piece of processing and releasing your emotions.