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2022 Holistic Holiday Gift Guide - Leigh Ann's Favorite Products of the Year

2022 Holistic Holiday Gift Guide – Leigh Ann’s Favorite Products of the Year

Below are some of my absolute favorite products from 2022. Most of these products are things I use DAILY in my life. For longer explanations of each product, you can listen to my podcast episode on this gift guide where I explain how I use many of the products and their benefits: Ep. 112 – 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

I have also included as many discount codes as possible and any holiday sale dates that I am aware of! For even more gift ideas visit the resources below:


Infrared PEMF Go Mat, $599

Support circulation, mood, energy, sleep, inflammation, and more with this infrared PEMF mat.

Sale Dates: 11/11/22 – 11/29/22. Get $120 off the PEMF Go Mat. Other discounts are available for all products. No code necessary.

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act + acre

Cold-Processed Hair Care

Skincare for Your Scalp (Act + Acre, 2022). Check out their Stem Cell Serum, Plant-Based Dry Shampoo, and Plant-Based Hair Capsules!

Sale Dates: 11/21/22 – 12/04/22. 25% off the entire website. No code necessary.

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Rumblex 4D Vibration Plate, $399

Support muscle stimulation, bone density, inflammation, lymphatic circulation, the nervous system and more with this LifePro vibration plate. $25 coupon currently available on Amazon (also check for Amazon Black Friday Sales).

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apollo neuro

Apollo Wearable, $399

The Apollo wearable improves your resilience to stress through novel touch therapy, working in tandem with the Apollo Neuro mobile app. Improve sleep, reduce stress, boost energy, memory and more. (Apollo Neuro, 2022).

Sale Dates: 11/21/22 – 11/28/22 | $50 off one Apollo Wearable, $200 off total when you purchase two Apollo Wearables. No code needed.

Link Below Gives 10% Off.

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herbal face food

The Serum I, $60

Brighten, firm, reduce inflammation, and more with 50+ of the world’s most anti-aging botanicals and 20+ of the world’s rarest botanicals. 100% plants.

Sale Dates: 11/21/22 – 12/31/22 | The Cream is HFF newest product launching on 11/21/22. Use code below for 20% off The Cream + 20% off the entire website. Use code below.

Discount Code: LAL20 or LEIGHANN20

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doc of detox

Bright Eyes Drops, $22.50

Ease red eye, dryness, and inflammation. Improve the whiteness of eyes and support detoxification of the eyes with these nano-sized fulvic acid eye drops.

Sale Dates: 11/17/22 – 12/28/22 | 20% off the entire website. No code needed.

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Toups & Co ORganics

Tallow Balms, $28

Nourish the skin with organic 100% grass-fed tallow balm. I use the unscented version but all of their scented options are made with organic essential oils.

Sale Dates: 11/25/22 – 11/28/22 | 30% off the entire website! Must use the code below.

Discount Code: LEIGHANN10

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BrainTap Headset, $647

Braintapping is a quick and easy way to optimize your brain’s peak potential—anytime, anywhere. Backed by neuroscience and research, BrainTap is proven to help people who experience high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and other lifestyle challenges (Braintap, 2022)

Discount Code: 2211LALI

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four sigmatic

Think Whole Bean Coffee, $28

Enjoy your morning coffee in peace knowing it is organic and third-party-tested for heavy metals, mold, mycotoxins, bacteria, and more. Multiple options available in ground coffee options.

Discount Code: LAL10

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the accrescent

Organic Flower Remedies, $39

Safely and gently support emotional balancing with one of our Organic Flower Remedy Blends. All blends are handmade to order.

Sale Dates: 11/26/22 – 12/03/22 | 30% off all Flower Remedies with code: HOLIDAY2022

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earth runners

Circadian Lifestyle Sandals, $83

Protect your feet while grounding. Copper and stainless steel earthing system allows you to ground to the earth. Adult and child sizes available.

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pact apparel

Organic GOTS Certified Clothing

Shop a huge variety of organic GOTS Certified, fair-trade, and carbon-neutral clothing. Loungewear, athletic, maternity, Men’s, Women’s and Children’s.

Sale Dates: 20 – 50% off the entire website. Ongoing sales throughout November.

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Organic Mattresses & Bedding

GOTS Certified organic mattresses, sheets, pillows mattress toppers and more! I am in love with my Avocado mattress and pillows and can’t recommend them enough.

Sale Dates: 11/22/22 – 11/29/22 | 5-10% markdowns on all products + get an extra 10% off with the code below.

Discount Code: SAVE10

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Branch basics

Glass Premium Starter Kit, $125

Non-toxic cleaning product for the entire home. I use Branch Basics daily for dish cleaning, home cleaning and laundry.

Sale Dates: 11/24/22 – 11/28/22 | 20% off the entire website. No code necessary.


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beekeepers naturals

The Non-Toxic Medicine Cabinet

Some of my favorite products include the propolis spray, propolis elderberry lozenges, propolis cough syrup, sinus support supplement and propolis sinus spray.

Sale Dates: 11/22/22 – 11/29/22 | 30% off the entire website! Must use the code below.

Discount Code: LEIGHANN

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by Dr. Galit Atlas

Emotional Inheritance, $18

Learn about generational trauma and go behind the scenes as Dr. Atlas shares specific patient stories.

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by Kimberley Ann Johnson

Call of the Wild, $21

For those wanting to understand how trauma affects the nervous system and somatic experiencing techniques to release wounds and rebalance the nervous system.

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by Dr. Ellen Vora

The Anatomy of Anxiety, $20

Learn about physiological factors that can contribute to anxiety. Dr. Vora distinguishes between true and false anxiety and provides easy, actionable tips to reduce anxiety.

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