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curiosity & querencia episodes

all Curiosity & Querencia episodes with diana mendoza & leigh ann Lindsey

The Accrescent Podcast Ep. 124 Upleveling & Grieving Old Identities
The Accrescent Podcast Ep. 121 CQ - Imposter Syndrome, Limiting Beliefs, Desperation vs. Peace
The Accrescent - Podcast Ep. 119 CQ - New Year’s Rituals & Resolutions, Replacing Rigidity with Fluidity & Ease
The Accrescent Podcast Ep. 117 Reigniting the Fires of Forgotten Dreams
The Accrescent Podcast Ep. 114. Curiosity & Querencia - Navigating Our Anxiety & Overwhelm Going into the Holidays
The Accrescent Podcast Podcast Ep. 113 Curiosity & Querencia - How the Emotional Landscape of Our Childhoods Has Shaped Our Own Emotional Expression
The Accrescent™ - Podcast Ep. 109 Curiosity & Querencia - Wellness Junkies, Why Do We Feel Dependent on Wellness Products?