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The Accrescent™ - Podcast Ep. 25 - Somavedic EMF Mitigating Device


Episode Summary

In this interview with Somavedic CEO, Juraj Kocar, we discuss: what are the products and how to they mitigate EMF’s, 5G, and geopathic stress, why EMF’s, 5G, and geopathic stress can be harmful to the body, what makes their products different from other EMF mitigating products, customer testimonials and how the Somavedic can also restructure water and help kill viruses, bacteria, and mold in the body and environment.

“The very first Somavedic was assembled by Ivan Rybjansky on April 1, 2011 in his workshop. At that time, he had this vision. The same year, he produced and sold 500 devices. After years of innovation, research, testing, and collecting feedback, Somavedic has come a long way. Now, tens of thousands of Somavedic devices are shining and harmonizing the environment throughout the whole world.

With every new Somavedic that is switched on this vision is being fulfilled and becoming a reality. “If this helps only one single person, then the effort was worth it.” – Ivan Rybjansky ~ Founder

“After 4 weeks there was a noticeable improvement in ‘brain fog’ and the random shooting pains and twinges I regularly experienced on various areas of my body had decreased by 40%. Mood swings also had decreased in frequency and intensity.” – Joana (Testimonial).

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