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The Accrescent™ Podcast EP. 38 - Release 2020


release 2020 series – Leigh Ann Lindsey


Episode Summary

Thank you for tuning in to my “Release 2020” podcast series. This is a 10-day mini-series to help each of us acknowledge, process, and release the hardest parts of 2020 and embrace the highlights!

Tune in each day for the rest of December for quick interviews with individuals from all walks of life as they discuss their experience with COVID-19, the biggest ways it has impacted them, what they have learned about themselves and how they work through the hardest points of this year.

If you found this series inspirational or helpful, please consider sharing an episode or two with a loved one or take a screenshot and share on social media. I absolutely love seeing who is tuning in and even hearing your feedback. If you do share on social media, be sure to tag me so I can send a huge “thank you” your way! My Instagram handle is below 🙂


One thing I forgot to mention during this episode:

Due to Covid-19, my surgery to remove the tumor in my right breast has been canceled twice. This has been a huge emotional challenge to overcome as the tumor has been progressively growing throughout the year. I have found a new breast surgeon and I am hoping that within the next month I will be able to schedule and finally have this surgery.

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