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Client Testimonial – Rebuilding Trust, Finding Consistency & Self-Confidence

Name/Age: Alexandra R., 22 years old

What did life look like before EVOX? How you felt on a daily basis, internal thoughts, how you interacted with others, etc. In other words, what were some of the core limiting patterns you felt stuck in?

  • Before doing a month of consistent EVOX I was having a hard time committing to the tasks and promises I made to myself. In other words, I had no self-discipline, I flaked on my goals and dreams a lot and it was not only getting in the way of my productivity and my personal life but it was really negatively affecting my self-esteem and confidence in myself and my goals. Some limiting beliefs I had were, “There is not enough time in the day to do what I want.” “I am not good at committing to projects or my goals” “I can’t depend on myself and sometimes I feel like people can’t depend on me” “My productivity is poor because I am lazy” “I am lazy and that is why I can’t achieve anything.” etc.

How quickly did you notice your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors begin to shift?

  • After about 2 weeks (2 EVOX sessions) I began to feel a shift in my feelings and behaviors. I realized that the false promises I had ran a lot deeper than I thought. It was 2 weeks later that I realized that my biggest limiting belief was that “I do not trust myself” This belief showed up in my patterns by not completing things, not trusting others fully, not giving my 100%, and a fear of success if I actually committed to things, a fear that I could create great change in my life. This was due to childhood trauma and a build-up of this limiting belief for many years.

What are the shifts you have noticed since starting EVOX in terms of how you feel internally and how your patterns have shifted?

  • Since my sessions with EVOX, I have learned that it is truly a marathon, not a race when it comes to healing my limiting beliefs and patterns. Directly after my sessions, I was feeling so good about myself and actually started to notice my patterns change into expansive patterns and change. My false promises towards myself started to decrease because I was actively working to remind myself that I could trust and depend on myself. Of course, there have been days and weeks where I have fallen back into my listing beliefs and patterns but what has been so helpful for me is that EVOX helped me understand that these limiting patterns were because of a distrust I have with myself. So when I start to feel myself fall back into limiting patterns, I now know and have the tools to create trust in myself, positively affirm myself, and work on ways to build my self-trust. Before I would just push through, call myself lazy, and try to play catch up all the time and now I have set actual self-care routines that build up my self trust and my stamina.

How has it affected your relationships/family? What other things shifted in your life that you didn’t think were related to the topic you were focusing?

  • I think my romantic relationship and my relationship with family and friends have improved significantly. I did not realize that before these sessions that I subconsciously did not trust the majority of the people in my life and what they say because deep down my limiting belief told me it was all false promises. Now I am now so much more receptive to what my loved ones tell me and how they care for me. Additionally, I have found myself to be a lot more social and it allowed me to come out of my shell a little more in situations where I did not feel the most confident.

What do you like about EVOX/working with Leigh Ann that is different from other modalities or practitioners you have tried in the past?

  • Leigh Ann is different from any other practitioner and therapist I have worked with because she helps you get to the root of the belief or issue in a loving and safe way. When working with Leigh Ann, I never felt like she was just trying to put a band-aid over it and “fix” the problem. She actively motivates you to dig deeper so that you can address the limiting belief or issue, and actively make choices to change that thought process so that the healing journey is a lot more beneficial. Additionally, Leigh Ann and her office just have a way of making you feel cozy and cared for. The energy she gives assures you that you can trust her, she cares for you, and that together you can create positive change and healing in your life. I think the EVOX experience truly would not be complete without Leigh Ann to guide you!

Any words of encouragement for anyone considering trying EVOX Therapy?

  • Leave skepticism at the door and come in with an open mind. This is different from traditional therapy but it will leave you feeling more empowered and motivated to change the patterns and beliefs in your life for the better! 🙂

Anything else you would like to share!

  • Love you Leigh Ann! xx