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The Accrescent™ - Podcast Ep. 19 - Covid 19 Positive? Everything I Did the First 24 Hours to Avoid Hospitalization


covid-19 positive? everything I did the first 24 hours to avoid hospitalization


Episode Summary

On Friday, July 10th I was going about my day, feeling perfectly fine. Around 2:30 PM, out of nowhere I suddenly started to feel full-body muscle aches, headache, weakness, shortness of breath, chest pain, sore throat, and chills. And when I say out of nowhere, I mean it. Literally, one minute I was fine and 60 seconds later it was like a train hit me.

In this episode, I detail my immediate response and the specific things I did to support my immune system’s ability to fight off pathogens. My number and severity of symptoms truly scared me and I thought I might need to go to the hospital as they were getting worse quickly. I truly believe my immediate response and the immune-boosting things I did saved me from hospitalization.

**This is not meant to serve as medical advice. I am simply sharing my experience and what worked for me. Always consult a medical professional before taking new supplements and if you become seriously ill.


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